Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So much has been happening recently, I just don’t know where to start…

In fact I do, because it’s Tuesday and there are rules.

So the first thing I’ll do is point you to In The PowderRoom where The Regular Guy is discussing the moment in all experienced married men’s lives when we discover the awful, shocking and distasteful truth that porn lies.

I know – it doesn’t sound likely, but there you are – you heardit here first.

That leaves me with a few posts still to write which I shall endeavour to get out this week. Here are some teasers.

You need to know about my current mid-life crisis that I’m trying to have on a budget.

You need to know about my painful schoolyard moment as I tried to make myself as small as possible.

I should probably talk about football with the boys.

And you certainly ought to be told about the school disco.

So much to write – so little time.

Until then – please go read about the rules.


Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I can't read the rules until I've heard about the school disco. Can't.

Glen said...

damn it - I knew I shouldn't have dangled such a good carrot at you

DangGina said...

Just read your post.

This can't be true. Yet...

A handful of months ago, I was texting a blast from my past (a guy from high school) about getting a new roommate. He asked what I thought were kind of normal questions--like how tall she is. (I qualify this as "normal" because he knows that I'm 5'11", and...I don't know, his question just fell into the conversation with relative ease.) Anyway, I answered that the new girl is 6' tall, and he responded with, "When you have a pillow fight in your panties, please send me a picture."

I was kind of grossed out, and completely amazed, that this is what he figured we might do, never mind that we're both heterosexual adult women.

I scratched my head in wonder over that text for quite some time. And I sincerely believe he was somewhat disappointed that he never received that picture text.

Guys are gross. :)

Glen said...

Gina - Who won the pillow fight :-)