Friday, March 9, 2012

Childbirth is NOT for ladies

Hello and welcome to another weekend – fan-blooming-tastic!

Firstly, an apology. Posts have been a little light recently and also I haven’t been doing much in the way of reading & commenting about the Interweb, if you haven’t noticed then you aren’t paying close enough attention!

There is nothing deep about this lapse other than things are a little hectic at work at the moment, meaning that I have too much other stuff to be doing. I’m finding I’m too tired to do any decent writing on the trains or to sit with a laptop on my knee all night. To attempt to pay some semblance of attention to your wife, watch TV AND read blogs when you are already affected by a multi-task blocking Y chromosome and tired is proving too difficult.  Priorities are having to be taken, and family time has to come before hobby time I’m afraid.

But don’t worry (starting a paragraph with “but” always feels a little naughty but fun – like pizza) I will be restoring normality just as soon as I am sure what is normal anyway (Thanks Douglas Adams).

I’ll be back into the swing of things soon enough and will be reading and writing properly again in no time.

Of course, where Glen’s Life is a hobby, In the Powder Room is very much a professional commitment (which is handy because it’s a fun one), I’m not able to use laziness as an excuse over there in case they get lazy with the pay.

Hence this Tuesday, a new style of Regular Guy post was born as I found myself going head to head with the excellent Bearded Iris. We collaborated to produce two articles on the same subject but from opposing genetics.

We both wrote about childbirth – in all its dramatic glory. 

I wrote from the male’s point of view observing the event –please click here to read.

Iris wrote from the woman’s hilarious sausage based point of view – please click here to read.

I think the experiment went well – what do you think?

Actual posts actually here returning soon – promise.


Pearl said...

We demand you return on a more regular basis.

That is all.


Sausage Fingers said...

Who doesn't love naughty pizza?
I saw a movie once where the pizza guy cut a hole in the box and well you know...
keep on running - Reo Speedwagon