Friday, January 6, 2012

Winning is addictive

Hello Hello.

I’m back on the train and I have loads to tell you about, lots of stories to write, bags of ideas for this is 2012 – a very big year, here in England!

But first…

Some news.

I’ll get on with writing some posts for next week, but in the meantime I need to say thank you.
Do you remember me writing a begging post here – asking asking for ‘likes’ ‘tweets’ or ‘W+’ votes on the WURDZL site? No not the Diamond Light Source competition – the other one.
The one that was for a Kindle?

Well, believe it or not I won. I have the Kindle in my bag – I’m so excited about this.

I won a blummin Kindle for writing less than 300 words!


And some of you helped with that – so thanks.

Thank you.

I was a little cynical at first, when I received the email telling me I’d won and asking for an address I just didn’t feel that the prize was likely to ever actually arrive. Prizes have failed to materialize before. However, my doubt was unfounded and the owner of the site was absolutely good for his word – which is refreshing. Therefore, I can heartily recommend you keep your eyes on the WURDZL site, in case he runs another competition, even if he still hasn’t updated the actual site.

Not that I know when I’ll ever read it, I need to be getting on with writing during my commute really, what with it being a whole brand new year with blog posts to write, weekly columns and only about six million more competitions to enter. But still.

I won a blummin Kindle!!!

Get in!


Sue H said...

Congratulations! :-)

jb said...

Congrats on your brand new Kindle! I'm back from hiatus and wanted to stop by to say hello and Happy New Year.


Annie (Lady M) x said...

You lucky bastard! Congratulations to you. And ... Happy New Year!!

Maxabella said...

Well done! That's so fab and well deserved. x

Glen said...

Sue - thanks

Jb - long time - Happy New Year

Annie - thanks and back at you

Maxabella - cheers

fallen monkey said...

Yeehaw, nice work! Such happy news to greet me as I finally re-enter the blogosphere!

Rapunzel said...

'Get in' indeed! Well done you!

On My Soapbox said...

You won a Kindle?? How cool is that? Congrats, and happy 2012!