Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get your kicks...

Prompt: Road Trip Story -
Genre: Open
Word Limit:  1,300


 Get your kicks...

“Can you answer me something darling?”

“Yes Love?” 

“The thing is… this trip. How long have we been planning it? Three years? We have dreamt of this for ten years at least, and been saving for a lifetime?”

“Sounds about right Dave – what’s wrong?” 

“We really needed this trip didn’t we? I think things had got a bit distant between us and having this dream has focussed us. We have planned this so very carefully. Everything is perfect. Tomorrow will be our fifteenth anniversary and here we are, driving along Route 66 in this beautiful ’67 Mustang!
It cost a fortune to hire a car this special but it’s just wonderful. The buzz I’m getting driving it, with you sitting there looking so beautiful, is unbelievable and on Route 66! It just feels so unreal. The road signs, the Diners, it’s exactly how we thought it would be isn’t it? The radio station playing only Rock 'n' Roll from the 50’s and 60's just adds to the vibe. Even the flights over here were perfect, when the lady at Heathrow upgraded us, you nearly cried”

“Dave you sentimental bugger, where are you going with all this?”

“It took three months just to source this car alone, planning the route and booking all the hotels and stop overs took another four months. Finding the hotel for tomorrow, with the Jacuzzi and special ‘Honeymooner’s' Champagne package that just happens to be in Tulsa - which we are now 24 hours from, by the way - and then planning everything around that took a masterpiece of project management, way out of our normal depth.”

“Tell me about it, remember that time you planned the holiday in Brighton? We arrived there right in the middle of the Rainbow weekend!”

“Haha, yes! That was one of mine alright - hands up. Mind you, those boys could party!
That’s the thing though isn’t it? We’ve put so much into this; so much thought that everything should have been perfect. So what I really want to understand is, why did we think it would be okay to bring the kids?”


“Not now Johnny, I’m talking to your Father”

“But Mum, Shelley punched me”

“Not now”

“Johnny kicked me first Mum”

“I feel sick”

“Oh not again Johnny, just keep looking forward, I’ll open a … No Johnny. NO! GET A BAG! Oh Christ...”

DAD, DAD, DADJohnny’s been sick on me again!


YET said...

Good one!

Beach Bum said...

Been there, and have the t-shirt to show for it. Even on "family" vacations my wife and I have learned to load the kids up with electronic gadgets to keep them occupied. My son has his iPod and my daughter has her Nintendo.

Beach Bum said...

Almost forgot, Great story!

Glen said...

YET - Thanks

Beach - Absolutely - and thanks

iuchiatesoro said...

Brilliant. Anybody with kids will be able to relate to that exact moment.

Kristy said...

I had to comment quick because NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN!!! I used to have their TAPE. HA. That is great. Love it. Now I will read your post and comment accordingly.

Kristy said...

So why'd you think it was ok to bring the kids?? Says it all... Nice!

Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw said...

OMG!! I know it wouldn't be funny if I were actually there, but being an 'onlooker'... I am laughing! Haha!

Clever, clever story, Glen!

As an only child, I was spared this little scene. Traveling with friends certainly is more fun than siblings it appears... lol!

Sue H said...

Ah, yes, family road trips - I thought I'd long since forgotten the brought it all hurtling back for me, Glen. Thanks!


Glen said...

iuchiatesoro - i think so cheers

Kristy - Kill your television - just saying

Veronica - you are lucky I was the ungest of three and had to sit in the middle getting it from both sides

Sue - sorry ;-p

Kristy said...

This man is crying for sex. I mean, help.