Monday, November 21, 2011

Married, Working Mums are people too

At last – it’s Monday!

Yes I know you are supposed to look forward to Fridays, but I think I prefer Mondays nowadays. I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but I started to feel this way around about the same time as the kids started doing weekend clubs and my wife started insisting that I ‘help out a bit’.

Weekends are tough.

It usually takes the peace and quiet of work until Wednesday for me to recover from the reality of a parent’s weekend. How do ‘stay at home’ parents survive? When do you get your weekend? I get a five day break every week and would be an absolute gibbering wreck without it.

Let it be said that mums or dads who wind up being the main carer at home through the week are the ones who are really the breadwinners in a family. I couldn’t do it.

Then there are the never mentioned heroes that deserve to finally get revealed.

I’m not the first to say that those people giving up their careers and independence to raise kids are important. I’m not even the first to remember to point out that men do this too these days. It would be predictable too, if I suddenly tried banging on about how wonderful ‘Single Mums’ are, for coping how they do.

Yes they are, but everyone always says that.

Today I’m going to give a shout out to another bunch of people who make a difference.

Married, working Mums.

Take my wife… please

 (hey, I was born in the seventies, what did you expect)  

You see, the weekends in our house are fairly busy, the constant pressure of balancing between getting jobs done and having some decent time with the boys is always there; always. We never really sit down.

Then on Monday, I drop the boys off at breakfast club at about the time that Jo has arrived at her work. I work in London so I commute on the train. I can’t get to work for nine, so I’m lucky in that I can start at ten. This means I work until half past six and then travel home, arriving sometime after eight, feeling a bit tired. I usually am just in time to pop upstairs and give the boys a kiss goodnight in their beds, if they aren’t already asleep.  

However, my lovely wife rushes home from work in order to pick up the boys. Helps them with whatever they need, breaks up their fights, feeds them and shepherds them into their beds, then heads back to the kitchen to make dinner for the two of us.

From the moment she gets home, knackered after working a full day WITH KIDS (Jo is a teacher), she is head first into the world of parenting, and this continues until I walk in just after eight and romantically ask, “What’s for tea?”

Jo does this for five days and then comes the weekend, where she has three boys to hassle her instead of the usual two.  I think I’m beginning to understand why it is that every evening, when I sit down to relax in front of the TV, I get a foot smacking into the side of my face asking for a rub. 

And Jo is just one of millions. There’s an army of them out there.

So let’s have a big cheer for all the married, working mums who do everything they do so that us men can have our weekends during the week!

Love you babe x


Sue H said...

Yup - been there, done that, got the bruises! (and yes, I used to work in a school too!)

My OH's job took him away from home a couple of nights a week and usually one weekend every six weeks or so, therefore I was almost raising the kids on my own.

Weekends didn't exist - but boy, did we let our hair down on holiday!

Badger said...

I love you to Jo - And Glen you dog you won a package of goodies!

Glen said...

Sue - I bet you did !

Badger - I know - ace isn't it?

DangGina said...

Hip, hip!

Nice post.