Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ferrari F360 at Silverstone? Don't mind if I do

Today I drove a Ferrari around Silverstone’s Grand Prix circuit. Well technically it was around Silverstone’s Stowe Circuit, which is a little smaller, but never mind - because it was still Silverstone.
It was a present given to me for my 40th, after my brilliant Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister all chipped in to buy it. I am loving their work, because it was fantastic.

So fantastic that I’m lost for words, so I’ll let pictures do the talking. Scroll down to the bottom to see the full video of me in action. It is safe to say that I have absolutely no talent whatsoever, an inability to change ‘flappy paddle’ gears successfully, an impressive ability to beep the horn instead of changing said gears, and a complete lack of foot-hand-eye coordination. The keen eyed among you will note that I managed an all-time top speed of 104mph, which my instructor lies about, in an effort to make it sound better – and still has to waffle a bit to help out. Trust me, it was fast enough for me!
However, I absolutely loved every minute of my experience, from the moment we drove in through the main gate, to the moment we drove out of it.
Me at Silverstone - with a car driving past

Me proving that not ALL racing drivers are sexy

With my Mum and Dad

With my Brother - Phil

Now THAT is a sexy ass

Not too shoddy from the front either

Ferrari F360 at Silverstone


Sue H said...

I see your power-drive and raise you a stunt-car challenge

(ok - it was last year, but I was just a tad older than you!!)

Sue H said...

:-( link doesn't seem to want to load off this phone - but if you look on my blog archive June 2010 'So you want proof?' you can see what I got up to!

Kelley said...

That is really so awesome! I could see my husband LOVING that! I wonder if I could hook him up with something like that for his birthday or something. I'm glad you got to experience that! said...

love the pictures! you're such a handsome english fellow, glen!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

WOW WOW WOW! That looks bloody brilliant - I want a go! What a fabulous present to get.

Glen said...

Sue - I read your stunt post - I suspect you win!

Kelley - he would love it

Christina - I am. :-)

Annie - It was and I think you would love it too