Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Writing Hard

Today I need to talk about awards and about this little beauty I received over at Fallen Monkey.

For those of you who don’t know Fallen Monkey then I can tell you now you are missing out on a useful blog. Especially if you are like me, full of ideas an words but clueless when it comes to actually writing proper England English. This is a lady who teaches the subject and who has the power to proof read for people, she knows her onions, you could say. Whereas I left school at 16 and can only spell vocabulary by using the power of spell check (I still haven’t worked out what it means though). Fallen Monkey continues to give out tips and advice in a high level but non condescending manner (you have no idea how many attempts it took me to get spell check to recognise and correct condescending).

As Fallen Monkey is someone who I consider quite knowledgeable about writing, and indeed because she has actually done what I keep trying to tell myself I am doing, which is to write a book, it was a big deal for me when she gave me an award for quality of writing.

The rules and origination for the Write Hard award can be seen here.

The basic gist is to nominate people who inspire or impress you with their consistently impressive approach to writing – among other things.

So here it is… I’m going to try not to be too obvious and mention the same blogs that I always mention at times like this, but it is difficult, because at the end of the day, they just fit the bill and deserve it.

Kev D over at Highway 10 revisited. In a world gone mad I don’t actually read that many blogs written by men. I don’t know why really, either they just drone on about how fantastic a father they are (yes I know I do) or how great a husband they are (oh dear) or gadgets, games and films (phew, fairly safe on those). I think I probably should read more of them taking notes – but somehow I just find other peoples versions of my life dull – sorry. This is not always the case, and there are exceptions – one such exception is Kev D. Funny, intelligent, well written, and definitely an inspiration to me as he sparks ideas for me to go on a tangent from. Well worth a visit.

Pearl at Pearl, why you little… Funny, and consistently well written not to mention the fact that she has also managed to actually produce a book. This is inspiration in a nutshell. I fell comfortable reading at her place, even though she talks about va – vag – I can’t say it, but it’s something that we men don’t have but try very hard to get. I read Pearl’s blog and know that this is what I’m aiming for, one day. She ‘Writes Hard’.

Marla at Butts and AshesYES I KNOW – sorry, I promised I wouldn’t be obvious – but how can you not be inspired by this lady and her writing? She is madder than a box of frogs and for that matter, I bet she has a box of frogs somewhere in her house, She is definitely the type that would. Required reading, sorry if I go on about her too much.

Okay that is it. If you really haven’t heard of any of these blogs, please do go visit and you all know that there are loads of blogs that I love – You know who you are, I can’t award you every time, and I promise I won’t award Marla next time – maybe.

Keep writing HARD.

** update **

I forgot to say Happy Australia Day - it is still the 26th here so it counts as being 'on time'. Hope you had a good one.


Maxabella said...

Well done, Glen! Definitely deserved, my hard writing (if short) friend.

Go visit Al at Pink Fibro today too as she has a giveaway that is just write for you (sorry about the lame pun... I can see why you chose not to award me with a Hard Right, sorry, Write Hard award). x

Kathy29156 said...

Congratulations Glen!! You my friend are a very talented writer and I am honored to know you!! Definitely well deserved as Maxabella said!!


Glen said...

thanks you two :-) far too nice. I'll go check out the Fibro

Lazarus said...

Glen, it appears to me that you're a pretty good writer, I wouldn't sell myself short if I were you. Keep at it, I'm sure you're getting better every day, and you're pretty good now from what I can see.

fallen monkey said...

Massively *blushing* over two paragraphs devoted to the Primate. I'm with Lazarus that you're far too modest. I might kid myself that I know the "rules," but I couldn't envy your ideas more! That's how I started my originally motivate myself to do writing prompts when I wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with my own. You, on the other hand, are your own source of inspiration, and that's the hardest part of all this writing schtuff :)

Thanks so much for the kind words, and Write Hard, my cyber-friend, Write Hard.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hey! Congrats and well deserved (even though I've only read a few of your brilliant posts)(oh, and commented on far fewer)!

Always good to get recommendations for new blogs too - thanx, and have a great evening (or whatever it is wherever you are).

Barbara said...

Good for you. Just make sure your spell check is set to English (UK), not the dark side.

Kev D. said...

Congrats on the award, first and foremost, and then... THANKS for all the nice things you just said. I'm all choked up...

I thanked you and wrote my 'award response' here:

Keep up the awesome work too!

Pearl said...

Thank you, Glen. I accept this award on behalf of my father, who encouraged me, as I grew, to "be alert. The world needs more lerts".


Marla said...

I barely know what to say. You are too kind.... and obviously easily impressed.

However, how dare you say I have boxes of frogs. I might have mice in my drawers but no frogs. When I say my drawers, I am not refering to the ones I wear, by the way.

Thanks Glen!