Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the naughty step

Note to self…



No matter how amusing you think it might be.

No matter how fresh in your mind the experience might be.

NEVER post a story about your wife’s period before she has finished it.

Especially if it involves confessing that the flowers were not your own idea.

Really, don’t.

It isn’t worth it.

Glen on the naughty step - 39 minutes!


Que said...

LOL! SO... 12 years, huh?

...rookie. :)

Clipped Wings said...

All I can do is laugh. Live and learn.

Nicone said...

I'm sure she thinks you're cute sitting there on the naughty step. Remember; "this too, shall pass". LOL.

Katie said...

We know you wanted that time out. (I kinda want one!)
Well played Glen. Well played.

Barbara said...

Oops. You won't be doing that again in a hurry then.

Toni said...

Too funny! Excellent footnote.

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Oh dear, Glen. This is just to funny. You poor thing. Let this be a lesson learned- leave posts sitting in your drafts folder for at least one week before you hit publish!! ;)

BTW, I am looking for guest posters for my blog- you fancy writing one for me? Drop me an email if you like- lori_rae_is @ (without the spaces, obviously).

Ta! xoxo

Glen Staples said...

Thanks all - things are starting to quieten down now - I think we are over the worst of it... for this month.

Lori - yes please :-)

Marla said...

Bad Glen. Bad dog. Sit. Stay.

Rich said...

So do you get in double trouble because you publicly posted a note to yourself about what you learned from posting about your wife's period, and in the process you've ended up posting about your wife's period again? Or are you in the post period portion of this month and your posting restraints have been lifted? Actually, you better avoid answering that... you might get put in another timeout. :)

Glen Staples said...

that's thinking 6 levels deeper than I can cope with